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For more than three decades, we have been known for our clean and tidy tree removal services – leaving your place better than the way we found it.

Black Forest Tree Service specialises in removing difficult and dangerous trees all over Sydney and its neighbouring areas.

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Our Tree Removal Company

We are a tree removal company with qualified arborists who can remove significant trees on private property or in public places. We are members of Arboriculture Australia, and we adhere to the ethical standards of tree removal in the Sydney area.

We have full public liability insurance, and we guarantee that your property will be left the way we found it when performing any tree removal services.

Tree Removal Sydney Services:


Sydney tree removal services by AQF Level 3 and AQF Level 5 professional arborists.


We can assist you in obtaining the correct permissions from your local government authority to ensure everything runs smoothly on the day.


Obligation-free quotation for our tree services within 48 hours.

Now, how much would a tree removal service cost you?

If you have just started looking for a tree removal company in Sydney that can provide you with a free quote for tree removal services, you’ve come to the right place. We provide competitively priced tree removal services while ensuring zero property damage.

Here are some of the factors for tree removal costs that our professional arborists will take into consideration:

Size and Diameter

We will assess the height, spread and diameter of the tree and provide you with an estimated price for its removal. You can ask us to provide a quotation for multiple trees and other arborist services.

Tree Condition

Trees in poorer conditions being rotten or dead can pose a greater risk to our staff and property, we guarantee that no tree will be walked away from and there is always a way to get it removed safely and soundly.


Not every tree grows in an ideal spot, often stairs, buildings, fences, pools, etc can complicate the removal process. We will get the tree down and removed from site regardless of its position.

We care about you as much as we care about trees.

Call us at 02 9631 5899 to get an obligation-free estimate for Sydney tree removal for large trees or small trees in your home or business. Our tree cutting quotation comes combined with photos of the tree so that no mistakes can be made.

Removing a tree, yourself can be a dangerous and lengthy task, big or small, dead or alive. We can assist you in bringing your tree down to the ground and removing it from site, keeping you safe and sound!

We can provide a quotation on any of your tree works, whether it is tree removal, tree pruning, hedging, stump grinding, stump removal within 48 hours of receiving your request.

Related Services

Qualified arborist providing advice on tree pruning services

Tree Pruning

We provide complete pruning services including but not limited to tree pruning, crown thinning, removal of dead branches, remedial pruning, hedging, palm tree trimming and more.

Qualified arborists performing tree services including tree cutting and tree removal Sydney no tree lopping

Arborist Services

Our professional arborists are incredibly knowledgeable in the biology and ecology of trees and can provide sound recommendations on the most appropriate care for your tree.

Tree falling on a tree job before tree removal Sydney

Emergency Tree Works

We will quickly remove trees from your property at any time, any day while adhering to the highest standards when it comes to ensuring safety for our personnel and the community.