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Tree Disputes Act

The tree disputes between neighbors act 2006 (and the amendment act 2010) s a function of the land and environment court.


If you are having issues with a neighbours tree or your neighbour has an issue with your tree a case can be readily lodged with the Land and Environment court NSW.


This is a fairly simple and can be relatively cheap experience as often an arborist is all that is required. no lawyers or solicitors are needed, in fact you can represent yourself using the advice and report you have obtained from a consulting arborist.


The court will hear matters relating to issues such as:

  • dangerous trees or trees perceived to be dangerous
  • damage caused by trees, falling trees/branches or invasive roots
  • obstruction of sunlight and views
  • injury to people
  • nuisance hedges


More information can be found at Here


Our arborists have been involved in several cases successfully.


Please call our office if you wish to engage one of arborists to help with your tree or court issues.