Need help? Is your tree not looking its best? Do you need council consent? Check out our fact sheets and council links.

If you’re still not sure, call our office to arrange a visit by one of our level 5 consulting arborists.

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Fact Sheets

Free information regarding common pests and diseases prepared by one of our consulting arborists is free to view and download.

Our arborists are always on hand to answer questions and can help with all tree related issues.

All of our consulting arborists are AQF level 5 or AQF level 8 qualified and can visit at a time that suits you.

Speak with one of our arborists today 02 9631 5899.

Unsure if need council consent for your trees, check your council link below or call our office for help on 02 9631 5899. Our staff may be able to help over the phone or arrange for one of our consulting arborists to visit if it’s a complicated issue.

Most councils require you to have a permit prior to removing a tree and often even to just prune a tree.

Click on the links below to check what your council regulations are or to access a council tree application form. Generally, but not always, removing a dead tree, pruning dead branches or pruning less than 10% of the canopy can be done without council consent.

We have provided links to all of the available Council’s Tree Management orders (TMO’s)

The council websites can be hard to interpret. Many have now adopted the Development application process for anyone wanting to prune or remove a tree. don’t worry it’s a simple process.

10/50 Clearing Zones

The 10/50 clearing zone allows residents to clear back trees and vegetation from their homes to provide a bushfire protection zone. The legislation allows doing the following without council consent provided you are in a bushfire zone.

You can click on through to check if your home is in a 10/50 Zone.

If you are in a bushfire zone you can:


clear any tree within 10m of a home including your neighbours home)


clear underlying vegetation within 50m of a home (including your neighbours)

For more information visit the rural fire service website.

Tree Disputes Act

The tree disputes between neighbours act 2006 (and the amendment act 2010) s a function of the land and environment court.

If you are having issues with a neighbours tree or your neighbour has an issue with your tree a case can be readily lodged with the Land and Environment Court NSW.

This is fairly simple and can be a relatively cheap experience as often an arborist is all that is required. No lawyers or solicitors are needed, in fact, you can represent yourself using the advice and report you have obtained from a consulting arborist.

The court will hear matters relating to issues such as:


dangerous trees or trees perceived to be dangerous


damage caused by trees, falling trees/branches or invasive roots


obstruction of sunlight and views


injury to people


nuisance hedges

More information can be found on the Land and Environment Court website.

Our arborists have been involved in several cases successfully.

Please call our office if you wish to engage one of our arborists to help with your tree or court issues.

Sydney Tree Services

Highly trained and qualified arborists working on a emergency tree removal job involving damaged property

Emergency Tree Works

We will quickly remove trees from your property at any time, any day while adhering to the highest standards when it comes to ensuring safety for our personnel and the community.

You can count on our expertise in emergency tree removal services 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Our team will be on-site to attend to your fallen or damaged trees within the hour.

Qualified arborists of a Sydney tree service performing a professional tree removal services

Tree Removal

We ensure that all the trees we remove are done so in an ethical manner, with the correct equipment, without damaging your property. You will always have peace of mind.

Our arborists and tree surgeons are fully equipped for removing trees quickly and safely from your residential house or commercial building. No tree is too big.

Contact us to request a free quote for our tree removal cost.

Qualified arborist providing advice on tree pruning services

Tree Pruning

We are experts in providing tree services such as pruning, crown thinning, removal of dead branches, remedial pruning, hedging, palm tree trimming and more.

We guarantee your trees will be cared for by our experienced Level 3 to 8 arborists.

If any tree we have fine or medium pruned suffers storm damage within 12 months, we’ll remove the damaged portion FREE of charge.

Qualified arborist assessing a trees health before providing advice for a complete tree services job in Sydney

Arborist Services

Our professional arborists are incredibly knowledgeable in the biology and ecology of trees and can provide sound recommendations on the most appropriate care for your tree.

Our certified arborists can write detailed reports providing professional assessments of your trees for councils or recommendations for the care and maintenance of your trees.

Our team is experienced and qualified, so you can be sure your trees are in safe hands.