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Black Forest Tree Service is a family-owned business employing AQF Level 3 to AQF Level 8 arborists. We are a reputable name in the tree industry and have been operating for over 35 years for the excellent service of our arborists in Sydney.

Like you, we are concerned with the health of your trees. Our experienced team of Sydney arborists is well-trained and skilled in all aspects of Arboriculture and can attend to any of your tree-related needs.

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Arborist Sydney: Qualified Arborists Providing Arboricultural Consultancy and Professional Tree Services

At Black Forest Tree Service, we understand the importance of service excellence – our qualified arborists are committed to providing the highest level of tree specialist services. Our many satisfied customers have recognised our firm commitment to quality, focus on improvement, and transparency in our work.

We honour the trust you place in us when you entrust us with your trees. We are committed to not just meeting your expectations but exceeding them.

Sydney Arborist Services

Sydney Arborist Report Writing

Council Tree Reports

Should you need consent from your respective council before conducting tree removal or tree pruning services, we can assign you an arborist who will write a professional council tree report for you.

Development Site Arborist Reports

If you are looking for an arborist who has substantial experience preparing reports for your local council, you’ve come to the right place. Choose among these reports that our certified arborists can prepare for you.

All Development-Related Tree Reports

All Development-Related Tree Reports are written by our certified Arborists with substantial experience preparing reports for local councils. As part of our Sydney Arborist Services, we offer this service to help you obtain the necessary consent for tree removal, Tree Transplant or tree pruning services.

Preliminary Tree Assessment Report

A Preliminary Tree Assessment Report (PTA) is a catalogue of all the existing trees on site and any neighbouring trees that may be adversely affected by the proposed development. It is generally a requirement for obtaining a Development Application (DA).

Arboricultural Impact Assessment Report

An Arboricultural Impact Assessment Report (AIAR) contains the relevant information from the Preliminary Tree Assessment Report (PTA), plus discusses the impact the development will have on the trees and recommendations on the measures to be taken to protect the trees for the duration of the development.

Tree Maintenance Reports

A Tree Maintenance Report is a document involving the correct measures to perform on a tree or trees after; a storm event, accidental or intentional tree poisoning, illegal tree pruning or any other factor that has negatively affected the tree/s health. It usually involves a Tree Maintenance Schedule (TMS) and is written by a certified Arborist.

Tree Compliance Reports

A Tree Compliance Report is often prepared post-development by the Project Arborist. It is an assessment of the recommendations from the Arboricultural Impact Assessment Report and if they were adhered to.

Tree Health Issues

Our qualified Arborists can health diagnose any health issues your trees may be having. The Arborist can make an on-site diagnosis or take samples back to our laboratory to perform diagnostic testing to provide you with the best diagnosis, treatment plans and recommendations for how to keep your tree healthy.

Other Sydney Arborist Services

School Risk Assessments

If you are looking for an Arborist who can provide a comprehensive safety assessment of your school’s trees, Black Forest Tree Service can help. Our team of certified arborists has the experience and expertise to assess the risk your trees pose to your school, staff and students and provide recommendations to mitigate any potential hazards.

Disease Diagnosis

There are a wide variety of different factors that can adversely affect your tree/s, Some biotic (living) and some abiotic (non-living). Our qualified Arborists can assess your trees to provide a diagnosis and give you the necessary recommendations and treatments to get your tree back to health.

Risk Assessments (QTRA)

A Risk Assessment is an inspection of a tree or trees to determine if there are any hazards present in the tree and the risk associated with those hazards. Our Arborists use the Quantified Tree Risk Assessment (QTRA) method.

QTRA is an assessment of the hazards posed by a tree and their likelihood of failure, compounded by the likelihood of impacting a person or property. It provides the Arborist with a numerical value (i.e. 1:100,000 chance of impact) rather than categorising it as High, Medium or Low risk.

Root Identification

Tree roots play a big role in the health and structure of a tree but can also cause physical damage to infrastructure. Through various methods including trenching, probing, visual inspection and diagnostic testing, tree root identification can help point the finger at the culprit.

Soil Analysis

Soil plays a vital role in the health of trees and plants. Often the diagnosis of a sick tree can be attributed to poor soil conditions.

Plant / Tree Identification

Our Arborists have studied for many years in plant identification. Plant identification can help Arborists with the correct identification of diseases and apply the right treatments for sick plants/trees.

Decay Testing

Arborists use various methods to examine a tree for decay, including ultrasound, resistograph, and tomograph testing. By using these methods, arborists can better understand the health of a tree and make treatment plans accordingly.

Tree Maintenance Schedules

Maintaining a schedule for your trees is vital to keep them healthy. A schedule should include regular inspections, pruning, and fertilising. Arborists can help you create a schedule tailored to your trees’ needs.

Let us know what tree service you need and how a qualified Sydney arborist can help you. We are experts in:

Related Services

qualified Sydney arborist performing tree services checking trees health before performing tree work including tree removal tree pruning or stump removal

Tree Removal

We ensure that all the trees we remove are done so in an ethical manner, with the correct equipment, without damaging your property. You will always have peace of mind.

qualified Sydney arborist performing tree services checking trees health before performing tree work including tree removal tree pruning or stump removal

Tree Pruning

We are experts in providing tree services such as pruning, crown thinning, removal of dead branches, remedial pruning, hedging, palm tree trimming and more.

consulting arborist Sydney performing quality work by checking trees health removing dead wood from small trees or performing a tree removal

Emergency Tree Works

We will quickly remove trees from your property at any time, any day while adhering to the highest standards when it comes to ensuring safety for our personnel and the community.