3 Reasons Why You Will Need Emergency Tree Services

Feb 18, 2023 | Emergency Tree Services

Whether you have a favourite tree in your home or multiple trees in your business area, it is inevitable that you will need emergency tree services. These services range from tree pruning to stump removal. Thus, you must have access to certified arborists that can do the job for you. Accredited arborists know which trees are prone to be uprooted during storms. They can also identify symptoms that indicate rot within the trunk. One thing’s for sure: they know trees better than you, which can save you a lot of hassle while saving your tree.

Here are three reasons why you may need emergency tree services in the future:

  1. You have trees damaged by a storm. Suppose your tree or multiple trees suffer damage after a storm. In that case, it often helps to have a certified arborist on hand to perform emergency tree services. In Sydney, you can expect severe thunderstorms from October through March.

Before this season, it is better to know certified arborists who can provide professional emergency tree services. These tree experts can diagnose the extent of the damage to your tree. They can also perform tree trimming or stump grinding to prevent further structural problems. 

  1. You have trees that are nearing the end of their life cycle. The end of a tree’s life cycle is another reason homeowners in Sydney will schedule an emergency tree removal. The best time for pruning certain species of trees is during sudden temperature changes because proper timing can be challenging to predict.

When this happens, it’s better to have a company with certified arborists in their roster who are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week; This is because someone must remove the dead or decaying trees in the most ethical way possible. Trees should be laid to rest appropriately, so it pays to have tree experts do this for you when you need it. After removing the tree, you may repurpose the trunk for firewood or use it to build furniture.

  1. You are anticipating a change in weather. If there is an expected high breeze or storm in your area, it is better to be prepared. Check if you already have frail or rotting trees so that you can either remove them immediately or set them up for extreme weather conditions—schedule professional arborists to visit you ahead of time.  
  1. You have trees, period. Due to intense storms or harsh winds, trees can fall due to their massive weight. If you have had a tree fall on your property, you must know that removing it can be a hassle. Fallen trees can be dangerous in many ways. In urban areas, fallen trees can damage buildings and cars when they fall onto them. In natural areas, fallen trees can block trails, obstruct waterways and kill plants and animals by cutting off light and oxygen to their habitats.

Emergency tree services are often called to cut these trees into pieces so that someone can move them, making them safer for homes and vehicles. Even though trees generally bring lots of benefits to the environment, some trees are dangerous and need to be cut. Thus, tree experts are the best people to call at this time.

Trees are among the essential components of nature. They are resistant to weather elements, provide shade, produce oxygen, and decrease the chances of flooding by absorbing rainwater. However, with their strength also comes a weakness. So get in touch with certified arborists today and ask for their rates to prepare your budget for that time.

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